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Fees & Cost

Ordinarily there is no fee for the initial consultation.

The main exception to this is in certain criminal cases where a second opinion is sought, or you ask for a review discovery documents. Following the consultation, either a Memorandum of Fee Agreement or Fee Contract, depending on the nature of the charge(s), will be prepared setting the amount agreed to be paid, usually in advance of actually beginning to provide representation.

In some cases, a payment arrangement can be made.

The most important factor in arriving at a fair fee is the time required to serve the needs of the client.

We realize that dealing with paying for legal services is often just an aftershock to the events giving rise to the need for our legal services. Unfortunately we are bound to deal with the financial arrangements at the outset, as difficult as that might be, so that questions about payment do not distract from the issues later on in the case.

Indeed, in federal cases, judges require attorneys at their first appearance in a criminal matter to assure the court that they have been fully paid for every possible development in the case.

In appeals and post-conviction matters, we will often charge one fee to evaluate the case, before deciding to accept the matter, which would involve another fee arrangement.

For any further questions about fees & cost contact us to answer all your questions in regards to your case.