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Federal Crimes

Criminal Lawyer in Charlotte

federal crimes - supreme court buildingThe U.S. government has defined federal offenses as illegal acts or crimes that have an interstate connection or are committed upon federal property. These are often more serious than state crimes, plus the potential penalties for a conviction are harsher due to mandatory minimum sentences.

If you are facing any federal crime investigation, you will need to contact a Criminal Defense Attorneys in Charlotte right away. Chuck Morgan is an experienced Criminal Lawyer in Charlotte who can work toward the best possible outcome.

Don’t wait until it is too late. Receive undivided attention from a dedicated and seasoned defense team. We ensure that you have our contacts so that you can call us anytime and share your concerns. Our common-sense approach includes taking into consideration reduced charges or other outcomes to avoid or minimize prison (Jail) time. At Morgan Law, we have extensive experience in federal court defending our clients on charges that include bank fraud, drug conspiracy, illegal importation, immigration fraud, bank fraud, money laundering, wire fraud, illegal branding, internet pornography and carjacking, mail fraud, weapons violations, and assorted tax cases.

We have extensive experience representing clients in federal criminal cases. Mr. Morgan has been helping people charged in federal court for over three decades.

His goal in these, as in all cases, is to obtain the best possible result for his clients.

In addition to possible prison time, a conviction will affect your reputation, your career, your family, and your finances. Our team works hard on your behalf because the stakes are so high.

Our firm has represented clients in federal courts around the country. We have won cases on pretrial motions, bench and jury trials, sentencing advocacy, and when appropriate, plea negotiations to resolve cases without a trial.

Among other cases in federal court, we have represented:

As well as many other clients accused of federal offenses such as contempt of court, illegal reentry, drug and firearms violations and child pornography.

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