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Sex Crimes

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Sexual Crimes

The laws in North Carolina have classified the different types of sex crimes and the minimum and maximum sentences that perpetrators can be given if found guilty.

One of these crimes is rape which can be first-degree forcible rape, second-degree forcible rape or first-degree statutory rape. These different rape crimes are classified according to the circumstances of the rape like the age of the victim, whether weapons were used, whether the victim has a mental or physical disability, whether serious bodily injury was inflicted on the victim among other factors.

Another kind of sex crime is indecent liberties with a child. It is considered a crime to engage in sexual acts if one is 16 years old or above and five years older than the child. Sex with a child aged below 16 years old is considered a crime. This can be by willfully committing or attempting to commit any indecent, improper or immoral acts with a male or female child in order to arouse or gratify sexual desire. Committing lewd or lascivious acts on a child’s body for the same purposes is also considered a sexual crime.

Child pornography is another kind of sex crime. Internet sex crimes where sexual acts or sexually suggestive acts are recorded, photographed, developed, filmed or duplicated for publication on the internet is also not allowed in the state. If children are involved, the crime is classified as First or Second-Degree Sexual Exploitation of a Minor.

Other charges we regularly handle include domestic violence cases (50B protective order hearings or violations of domestic violence protective orders, assault on a female, trespass, communicating threats, harassing phone calls, stalking and cyber stalking.

At Morgan Law you will find one of the most adept and experienced criminal defense attorneys in Charlotte. If you are facing sex crime charges, we will ensure that you get a fair hearing in court. Sex crimes repel people and you will need a highly skilled criminal lawyer in Charlotte on your side. Sex crimes against children or against a student do touch a nerve in most people including a judge or jury who should ideally be impartial. We will provide a strong defense and ensure that you get a fair hearing.

Our law firm understands how the legal system is supposed to work, so we will closely examine the evidence against you to make sure you are given a fair chance against the sex crime charges you are facing. If you are facing rape, sexual battery, or any kind of sexual assault charges, you need to get an aggressive and experienced defense attorney on your side right away. The same is true if you have been accused of sexual activity with a child or student, of possessing child pornography or being involved in an Internet sex crime.

We represent people who are trying to be removed from the Sex Offender Registry. We have handled hundreds of sex related offenses, including sexual battery, indecent exposure, crimes against nature, taking indecent liberties with a minor and rape.  

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