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White Collar

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white collar crimes -businessman tying tieWhite collar crimes are serious and if found guilty, perpetrators get severe penalties. Your first call should be to engage a skilled attorney to stand in your defense. Once an investigation begins in a white collar crime case, you will need to call the Morgan Law, as soon as possible because the government will be building a case against you.

A good Charlotte criminal defense attorneys like Charles Morgan will know how to put any proof under the microscope and come up with reasonable doubt. Also, despite being found guilty of a white collar crime, a sentence can be significantly reduced through plea negotiations. A really good attorney can even argue for a non-custodial sentence where there is no jail term.

White collar crimes can include:

We have extensive experience representing clients in white-collar cases. Mr. Morgan has been helping people charged in federal court for over three decades.

His goal in these, as in all cases, is to obtain the best possible result for his clients.

In addition to possible prison time, a conviction will affect your reputation, your career, your family, and your finances. Our team works hard on your behalf because the stakes are so high.

Our firm has represented white collar clients in federal courts around the country. We have won cases on pretrial motions, bench and jury trials, sentencing advocacy, and when appropriate, plea negotiations to resolve cases without a trial.

Among other white collar cases in federal court, we have represented:

At Morgan Law, you will find more than a good criminal lawyer; you will find a criminal defense attorney in Charlotte who has successfully represented many who have stood accused of white collar crimes. Having the right attorney on your side will make all the difference to the outcome of your case.

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